CIU Idea: Biomes and Galaxy Generaton

The exploration part of CIU Isn’t one that’s insteresting, one might call it boring. What’s the diference betweeen 2 constelation, apart from SS count? Most MMO has some type of biome, or groups of constellations. I can’t see the game released without something like this.
I present you this 3-biome system that would fit neatly in most aspects. (preliminary map)
The galaxy is divide in three zones: The Null zone (without border), The UHF Compound (blue zone) and The Henpire (red zone).

  1. Null zone: This zone is the beginner zone (Meaning New people will appear there) and has mostly(1) easy missions (0% to 30%). Most common stores: Gus’s Gas, Aftermarket and Space burgers. Notes: No DT or KR missions.

  2. The UHF Compound: it is an Intermediate zone and has mostly Intermediate missions (30% to 60%)
    Most common stores: Hero Academy, Heroware and Aftermarkets.
    Notes: No DT or KR missions. No spaceburgers. (you’d be surprised by the amount of recruits stoping for a snack and skiping whole lessons)

  3. The Henpire: An engame zone and has mostly hard missions (60% to 100%)
    Most common stores: none. Notes: Has All the DT and KR missions. Has no Hero academy. You can’t buy inside this zone(2), and leaving would reset the effect after 1 hour. Location Flunctuation is always positive (both score and keys).

(1): mostly meaning 50% of mission has this rule. Common stores are 200% more likely to generate.
(2): Can’t use the galactic store (except for fuel). Meaning you have to rely on regional stores. After leaving this zone, the effect will linger for 1 hour. Wormholes are not affected by this rule. The effect takes place if you confirm going to a place inside the zone. Before entering, A warning will appear, Saying that this rule will be active. This is to make the zone more valuable, and harder to enter, giving a challenge even when not in combat. And the galactic store wouldn’t want to risk their delivery droids going into enemy territory.

What do you think? (I’ve brainstormed this enough that my head hurts)

CIU Biomes
  • I would like war biomes (yes)
  • Only the concept is decent (maybe)
  • I like my Og galaxy (no)

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Also I would like to amplificate the effect of location flunctuation. (maybe 2X ?)

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