CIU has stopped displaying output

I have accidentally changed the ingame resolution to a resolution which is unsupported by my monitor, I have tried to fix it myself but it has not changed the situation. I am stuck with a random resolution which does not display on my monitor and I don’t know what to do to fix it. I would like someone to reset my resolution back to 1280x1024. In-game username: Art Memer, message me for more details if necessary.

If you have an email saved to recover your progress… uninstall the game, and reinstall it.
This should probably set the graphics and stuff back to default settings.

However, if you have not set an email, make a backup of the current version folder (124) in C:/ProgramData/InterAction studios/CIU/“ia” or “steam”, and keep it somewhere safe. After that, delete the ORIGINAL 124 folder in “ia” or “steam”, and then run the game. This should create a new instance of the version folder, and perhaps reset your graphics.

Alternatively if none of these work, there is one last solution…

open up CIU.cfg in the version folder, and try to fiddle with it to *hopefully* fix the current issue.


Deleting the CIU.cfg file should work (you will not lose any data, just some menu options).

Alternatively, add the -safe command-line option when you launch the game (For stand-alone, right-click on the game’s icon, select “Properties”, then append it to the “Target” field. For Steam, right-click game in your library, select “Properties”, then add it to the “Launch Options” field).

Don’t forget to remove it again afterwards.


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