CIU for Mobiles

In this month you will launch for mobile phones such as: Android, iOS, Windows Phone …

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It sounds like you’re telling them to make it mandatory. it will lauch when they release the full version.

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No, it’s too early yet. Mobiles will release 2-3 months AFTER the game exits the Early Access stage.


Windows Phone …?
you have to put.
Like @Nikito said, it sound like you’re telling them to make it mandatory.

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Why do you say AFTER with capital letters?

  1. Windows phone died last year. The last phone made by them was a 2017 alcatel phone
  2. difficulty should be lower on mobile as it’s harder to play on a screen which also means that you need to make mobile players on a different server.

I’m pretty sure the damage multipliers from the episodes will be added to the mobile versions. That should be enough once the waves are all balanced properly.
Also having a separate server for mobile wouldn’t make sense since you’ll be able to link all your installations if you buy the license.

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What’s happening when it’s releaſed?

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It’s not harder and depends on how big is your screen, i’ve managed to finish CI4 on 3’’ screen of Xperia X8, not hard at all :slight_smile:


i would like to wait for that.