CIU Fan made Creepypasta:Follower

Hi, Travis here.
I was playing ciu while ago.
But i just travel to wormhole and see player what he trying to play a mission, but he add contact.
And no. I don’t need to contact.
So, i was going to aleus and there player here.
He just following me?
Or a stalker?
I was scared. Travelling back smaragos, carya.
And player just following me. I was Freaking out.
Going to anywhere, but i clicked a menu to show contact, and i add it. And player appear.
It is a follower.
I’m so scared right now, and Notification just pop up and he said:You should depart now, travis.
And server crashed.
I joined and Not letting me join.
So i call Someone, and door just knock then open and nothing.
5 months later and message pop up on forum and he say:You shouldn’t have done that.
And browser closed.
I was scared.
He freaking me out.
This is my creepy story.


Looks good but uhh, can you improve your english a little bit?

wait a minute was this even real?

The worst creepypasta I have ever read, not even sounds scary. Also who the hell write a story and keep making multiple lines for it. And as Kiddo said, your English is not good enough to write a horror story, it’s quite complex though

It’s creepypasta so it doesn’t have to be real, most of them are fictional after all

I think I could help you rewrite it.

Hi, my name is John but I am also known as Travis. I am a big fan a of Chicken Invaders game, it is such a good game that made up my childhood, I remembered playing it restlessly, and the Mother Hen-ship boss fight from the second game(Chicken Invaders 2) was truly hell. Anyway, the studio which develop the game which is InterAction Studio has just open early access for their upcoming Chicken Invaders game Chicken Invaders Universe, I cannot wait to try it out, it has been 4 years since the last game come out, so I registered to the game forum, found the file I needed to download, installed the game and began playing. The game was really good and I played it for 2 hours straight. That was the backstory about how I got to the game, and now, here come the scary part. 5 months ago, something strange happened to me while I was hanging around at a wormhole in the game and was about to start a mission, suddenly notification popped-up. It was contact request from a random player, “I don’t need to befriend with him anyway.” I thought, so I just declined it, but the notification popped-up again, still a contact request, from the same person. I declined the request, again. But the guy didn’t seem to stop, he keep sending me contact request, and every time he did so, I declined. “Jeez, when will this guy stop.” I thought, “Let’s just start a mission anyway, this is going nowhere”. I started a mission, ready to have some fun, but suddenly, the game crashed, I tried to reconnect to the server, but just couldn’t. I got to the forum, checking if the server was ok, there was no problem. Suddenly, I got a direct message, it was from the same guy who tried to contact me. I responded to the message, asking “What the hell do you want from me”. Instead of answering my question in texts, the guy sent me an audio file. I played it, and all I hear was " Wh…at… took… you… so… long… Satan… is… waiting… come… and… for… your… sins" then some screaming in the back ground with maniacal laugh… to be continued

The story seems to get a little bit too long but that’s how you write creepypasta. It’s really is a hard job, so don’t push yourself too hard


That was really good!

That’s a pretty good novel :roll_eyes:
Well done pal :clap::clap:

It’s just a rewrite of how the creepypasta could look like if Travis had good english.

Better stop talking to me kid :roll_eyes:

Better stop misbehaving, or else

Better not insult me when i’m giving you advices. :wink:

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also don’t you guys think that this is getting spam

Uhhm okay. :expressionless:
I just said “don’t talk to me kid” and you’re saying this is a spam? or misbehavior? :roll_eyes:
whatever god might bless you kid :smirk:

it’s none of your business

Waiting new feature: Double ban


Being good at English and being good at story writing are 2 different things, but I doubt he can write a good one in his own mother tounge(Fillipino if I’m not mistaken). Mine wasn’t really that good either as I spotted out some grammar errors in it, and the way the bad guy talk just doesn’t sound right

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