CIU Fan-made creepypasta:Follower part 2

Help out rewrite my story!

It is continue, i hear audio file and satan was not here.
Since i call Adam, and no responses
Going forum and i created post what audio file is creepy.
Later i was trying to tell someone who need a Original game.
And the thing who said:
Jeepers. You will be Awakened.
They call me jeepers.
And someone add a photo who said:filename2
Don’t you see what’s going on.
Here is a photo:

It is corrupted.
I don’t want to see this.
He add a audio file what they said from message:
Jeepers. Destroy the game.
Something is happening.
And audio end.
The follower who named:filename2
I dont what name it is.
My story…
Is The Creation.

The story is confusing, and still, not even scary. Also, didn’t I tell you not to make multiple lines for your story? I’m not gonna continue my story nor rewrite this one of your since I said writing story is a hard job and I’m not good enough to write

Why is the follower Filename2?

And this is when, folks, the creepypasta becomes the worst creepypasta in history.

Just you wait for filename 3!

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so i have to cease activity until filename3?

I was making a joke ):

FILENAME 3 is now being developed by Valve and they delayed it to 999999 years

Rip filename 2

That response i made to you was a joke

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