CIU early acces bugs/Suggestions

Hello all.
Not important to say, but i am CI fan from 2003 until now… and recently at last i found version 6 Early Access…
So i downloaded it, and I’ve some helpful suggestions. Please, pay attention…

1- the user interface is just a sh… . Hope that it change in official version… There is nothing to say about that…

2- the missions, chickens designing, bosses, mission ending sequence, guns(!!!), elements and everything is same with version 4 and 5… Just character outfits are changed!! Its really amazing after 5 years of wait… Everything is same?.. hope it changes… at least, new design for guns and scenes…

3- all of tips in the right of screen are showing for one time and there isn’t any option to see them again after closing them. Maybe someone accidently closed an tip… How to see it again?!..

4- i accidently skipped intro scene and i wasn’t able to see the intro again… I tried to reinstall game but it resumed from latest place! And there wasn’t any option to remove my account… It’s not good… maybe will fix…

5- I think we need an option too find our friends in game with their ID, and chat with them, or play multiplayer levels with them. Like 3-4 players multiplayer. It will be awesome!..

At all, everything else was great and full of new ideas. Just game opening animation wasn’t good, but i think it will be ok in official release; and all UI elements and main galaxy’s design are very basic, that i hope they get fixed.

Sincerely yours;
An old Chicken Killer :slight_smile:

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You can literally just go to contacts and search for your friend’s name and add them…
As for chatting,and especially multiplayer,well…it’ll have to wait(especially multiplayer). Adding it isn’t that easy. We don’t even know if they’ll be in the game.

You can remove your save data from C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU .
That will let you start with a new profile.


This has been brought up many times, but IA settled on letting you change your color. I also hope somewhere along the line we will get the old desings and/or some new intresting ones.

If I remember correctly, a tutorial overhaul is planned. Of course they won’t do it now, as all mechanics are currently constantly changing.

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New guns and ships are planned (bosses too)
Se are actually on the firts phases of beta, is normal that the new content will be added in the future

Despite the fact that I disagree with you on this… You can customize the color of hud on the “fleet” tab

Don’t worry next update they will reappear (beta version magics)

The intro is seen on teaser 2
You can see it here


Already exists: is called “contacts”
Multiplayer as we saw in previous episodes will come in the future and will be a Premium feature due to server host costs

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Oh I was forgetting… read this since you are a new user.
This will avoid you “avoidable topics and replics”

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And just who said that it will be there? There is a possibility,but it’s not guaranteed!
Also,won’t the UHF license (or whatever it was called) simply let you play on different devices? I don’t remember any mentions of it having to do anything with multiplayer.


Everyone is asking for multiplayer.
If I remember correctly IA said that due to technical iussues, ciu will need a different coding way to host multiplayer rooms and since servers costs and the game is free it will be a premium feature due this
(you are right this part was never officaly said but eventually will be the reality if multiplayer will be)

Which does not mean that it will be added.

They never said that. If they really did,then show me where.

That’s not something you can decide.


IA said the only premium feature is cloud save and names. So I doubt this is premium, especially since it already has microtransactions.


The season why I said that is…

Seriously in my opinion it should work like this.
If not I will still be happy

If I remember correctly they said “for now”
More things maybe will bevome premium but still not P2W

Interesting. When you open the game, you just see Chicken Invaders Universe logo with a poor animated Universe design under that text; and very poor opening animation… I prefer older versions opening animations… like 4&5. And also, in the main menu, there is just an play button and settings button and close, that they’re very poorly designed. Nothing beautiful… Just an blue square?! Any design? Any click animations?..
Look and think more about them, you will be agree with me. :wink:


i think it’s a placeholder and will be changed in later (when?) updates

You don’t.

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