“CIU Development” category doesn’t have a closing timer

I’ve founded that most post in “CIU Development” aren’t have a 14-day closing timer wherever it posted, which used to prevent people from bumping post.
So I think there should be two solution:

  1. Only iA can use the “CIU development” category.
  2. Every category now has a 14-day closing timer, expert when iA decided to not had it, or from opening topic request.

edit: huh, it seems that in fact the category doesn’t have the autolock thingy

What did I mean is when you posted in “CIU development” category, there are not 14-day timer which automatically closed the post.
@InterAction_studios could you please consider fixing it?

I’ve made the change, although topics in the development category are normally manually closed by me whenever a new version arrives.


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