CIU Ambient Theme deconstructed

It’s nice to hear this theme between this missions, but it’ll get pretty repetitive if you spend a lot of time in the galaxy. This effect can be reduced if the instruments are separated in about 8 different audio files (“channels”). Then, the game can mute certain channels at random intervals to introduce variety.


i’m no musical genius, but i don’t think that will be possible if the music file is already all 8 instruments.


Eh, don’t worry about it, Super Mario Maker already did that. Twice, in fact.


but then they would need to remake the theme?


I’m going to predict the response being something like “it would multiply the file size by number of different tracks”. Not that ambient theme would even work with that, it’s already pretty calm.


Uhm,they got a studio?Software of choice?

There’s no need to remake it, if it’s project file hasn’t been deleted yet. It just needs to be split up, and then exported a couple of times.

As for the file sizes, that wouldn’t necessarily be the case. Yes, the overall size would increase, but still, that’s a good point.

Also note how I said repetitive and not “too tense”. And don’t even get me started with RoTY’s victory theme.

You are not supposed to sit in the galaxy all the time. The theme is 3 minutes long. In comparison: Thundercluck theme only takes 50 seconds to finish.


You see, that’s the problem. The shorter the music track is, the more repetitive it gets, and that is annoying… well, at least to me. And what if I’m customizing my ship?

CI3’s victory theme – which is only a minute long – gets repetitive because you hear it through at least 95% of comet chase missions by default. Say, wouldn’t you listen to a longer victory theme while chasing comets, or perhaps, to music from an entirely different franchise? :smirk:

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