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can you add accounts on this game that we can continue our levels at any device?

That was covered in the very firſt plan update, and haſn’t been changed ſince.

Here’s the relevant bit, copied and paſted for your convenience:

The game will be free to play. There are two kinds of accounts: guest and member. By default, you’ll start off as a guest, but you’ll be able to upgrade to a member account by purchasing a “ Chicken Hunter License ”. The cost of the license will be determined later, but we expect it to be near the $5 mark.

As a guest, you’re welcome to play the game for as long as you like. We will not collect any information from you at all – not even your name. The game will automatically assign you a random identifier. Your progress will be saved in between sessions, but the random identifier is only present in your local installation – if you lose that, then your account is lost forever. You cannot link different guest installations together – each one is completely separate.

A Chicken Hunter License makes you an official member of the UHF and we’ll now need your e-mail to identify you. At the simplest level, membership allows you to customize your hero’s name and your spaceship(s) name in-game. With an e-mail we can also store a permanent record of your career, so you’ll be able to recover your progress even if your local game copy is lost. You’ll also be able to link various installations together (so, for example, you can play from your desktop and then continue your game on your smartphone).

Why don’t you read F.A.Qs and Plan Updates? You will know much more from them (especialy from plan updates).

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