CI3 (Steam Version) - Bug(?) report

The first UCO in Chicken Invaders 3 used to fire its green lasers along with the red wave cannon, and did so twice (meaning that the green lasers were fired 3 times per attack and the red cannon was fired twice), and this was the case in the Big Fish Games version, when I still had access to it.

However, in the Steam version of the game, the UCO fires the red cannon, then the lasers, then the cannon again, with the lasers being absent from the first and third attack stages.

I don’t know if this was intentional to make the first (technically second) boss of the game a little easier, or if this was an issue involving porting the game to Steam, but in any case, some information on the issue would be nice.

This is intentional. All of the UCO’s,as well as some regular waves got nerfed

Most of the U.C.O.s got nerfed. The first one shoots green lasers only once per loop, the second and third shoot less times than they used to (2nd one used to shoot four times instead of three and 3rd one used to shoot three times instead of two). Only fourth one was unchanged. It’s really noticeable on the first U.C.O. though, as it still repositions its green laser cannons even though it doesn’t use them.

@Sammarald @anon27929001 Thanks for the heads up!

On a personal note:
Dang, I kinda wish that wasn’t the case. The first UCO isn’t as fun when you don’t have as many things to avoid.

And it was already easy, too. On Rookie, only two Missiles are needed to finish it off.

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Yeah,I wish that it wasn’t like that,but oh well

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I feel like they could have saved harder attack patterns for the higher difficulties, like on Veteran, the UCO would fire the cannon, lasers, then all 3 weapons at once, then on SSH, the attack pattern would be the original

Yes, this change was intentional to offset the widescreen (less space to maneuver) and mobile (less positional precision) changes.

But you’ll be glad to know that in CIU we intend to restore the UCO to its previous glory.