CI3 Pods Paintjob for CIU

As we already got the exaust paintjob from CI3, what about having the pods paintjobs too?
It would look likely this (Srry for bad edit)
Captura de pantalla (1758)

And here a poll:

  • We need CI3 Pods paintjob in CIU
  • We don’t need CI3 Pods paintjob in CIU

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Thats all what i can say here… goodbye.


OK, I love accuracy and variety as much as the next guy (maybe even a bit more, tbh) but that said:

  • We’re getting too many paintjob options. I’d rather see new ways in which I can customize rather than just an extra option under one of the menus.
  • We’re getting an unhealthy amount of Muller patterns compared to the other ships.

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