CI2 Spaceship 3D Model?

So I’m in a bit of a 3D modeling mood again, and I wanted to try building the original CI2 variant of the M-404 PI from scratch for once. Might as well try the build from the first CI game I played. Simpler times, simpler vehicle designs. No tank tips, no extended engine body, no weapon pod ridges, just a straight cone with four glowing cylinders and a flat spoiler wing. Very clean silhouette.

And I wondered out of morbid curiosity (and possibly for reference) if any of the other modelers around the forum have tried making this one before, based on what little images and sprites we had to go by.


bandicam 2023-08-25 18-44-40-095
bandicam 2023-08-25 18-44-46-993


Actually, now that I think about it…
@InterAction_studios Hey, when you made the original CI2, did you use actual 3D models for the title and end cards? Did you ever preserve the model for the vehicle?

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These are actual 3D models. Regrettably I can’t share any of the original game assets for mod/fan projects, because that blurs the line between “official” and “unofficial”, however I have seen several fan recreations over the years that might suit your purposes.


What kinds of recreations? Can you point to them?

I also never planned on putting it into a mod or fan project. At most, I’d probably just have it 3D printed.

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Here’s the first prototype build, made with existing pieces from my previous model.


Can you link them?

Prototype 2. Thinner spoiler wing and support beams, wider cockpit with orange hue, rounder engine body, smaller weapon pods. Much happier with this one.

The Deliverer’s certainly been overhauled since 2002, hasn’t it? Maybe we added too much to it.

Here, mess around with it if you want.


Metallic finish.


I have indeed come a long way with modelling this ship.
It’s just the perfect vehicle design. Hard to top.


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