Ci1 waves in "Chicken Invasion" and "Key Rush"

This is a idea simple what dont need a big explain: I looked what in Anniversary there are the waves of ci1 moddified, and i thinked, this can be added to normal waves? and thats the idea, this can be added in:

-Weekly Challenges
-Tests Challenge
-Daily Challenges
-Chicken Invasion
-Key Rush
I want to see what think with your own post :slight_smile:

I Checked every idea topic to view if this was suggested, and i dont looked anything, but i think what this maybe was in “Early Access” topics, if you founded a topic or a post suggesting this, please, quote that, thx


I want this, waves like Wake Up!, The Invasion Begins, Asteroid waves, Be Quick Or Be Dead

It would be cool, but it shouldn’t include the same enemy.

Don’t plow it anyway, anniversary waves are organized by iA, while planets Daily / Weekly challenges are organized by the game

Since when did IA say he don’t accept ideas anymore because of WBP?

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