CHL Content suggestion

My turn on this thing. So, as we know, the CHL is going to be a thing. This makes one step closer to the release of CIU. Now, many people made their stuff for CHL so it’s my turn for my brain to shine.

First, let’s start at something many wanted (maybe)

Achievement system

The UHF will record licensed recruits with the achievements. The goal of these achievements are based on grind, Easter Egg and stuff.

Mission Elitification

Once you beat that mission, CHL players can elitify it, making the mission from boring 11% - 69% to 100% - 100%. Play with UG for true chicken invaders experience.

Note: only you can play elitified mission obviously and you can revert back to normal anytime you want.

Hybrid missions

Ho Ho Ho! Time to bring this bad boy up! Once you finish all missions in a planet (not asteroid or black hole, etc) this will be unlocked if you have CHL. These hybrid can from 40 to 60 waves with at least 1 different mission type or smth. You know what I mean.


I’m gonna add in tutorial remaster soon

This is the only one from these that I’d really want to see, but it’s a pretty cool idea. Nice way to integrate Hybrid missions without losing the exclusivity of them. (I know they were just made for weeklies, but a lot of people want to see them somewhere else, and rightly so. They’re fun, unpredictable, and require changing strategy on-the-fly.)

Also, your example GUI looks really sleek. :wink:


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