Chink in the armor bug

While playing that wave, I noticed that there were 2 unbubbled chickens, I don’t know how I managed to do that, since tere were no UFOs.

You didn’t use the Barbequer right? That can pop the bubbles of those chickens.


That can happen if an enemy is killed while in a bubble. As @Recruit_75 said, one possibility is the Barbequer or ICBM. Another is crashing your spaceship into an enemy.

None of this happened

And you didn’t use any special weapons either? Then I have no idea. :thinking:

Generally speaking, the bubble presents a larger target which encompasses and ‘hides’ the smaller target of the enemy inside. But if the enemy wanders outside of the bubble, or if its collision circle is larger than the bubble, or a weapon with area damage is used, then it’s quite possible for it to be destroyed while in the bubble.

Maybe, I killed one of the special chick, though I’m not sure.

Also, no.

Any chance they were UFOs and what you saw roaming unprotected were the chickens inside?

No ufos.

I do sometimes destroy chicks while inside their bubbles using Bird Flu Gun.

Well, I already said, no satellites, no superweapons, no UFOs, no crashing.

Some enemies can go outside of their bubbles.

Yep, I think the most likely culprit is a eyepatch chick.
Can someone tell me the name of them?

wasn’t it fixed few versions ago?

I don’t know,I can’t think of anything else…unless the enemy was just too big for a bubble and its hitbox went outside of it.

As far as I remember, there where: armored chickens; military chickens; etepatch chicks.

Armored chickens sound like they would do that,but I’m not sure.

I do not mean chickenauts, I mean the purple laser ones.

Lol,I didn’t mean the chickenauts,either. I assumed that you were talkking about the ships that fire 3 blue projectiles at the same time. But it’s still possible for the chickens you’re talking about to be too big,because the bubble hitboxes are the same as they were back in ci5 and ci4. If a bigger chicken was in the same bubble where nornally a chick would be in ci5,then maybe that’s why?

But this doesn’t always happen.