Chicken Slot Machine

How it is constucted:
Its basically the Chicken Vending Machine wave but closed on the top and bottom with 5 black holes, but the slot machine wont move.
Also there will be coins floating in the formation of the Go With The Flow (Adrian Bathroom Dance) wave
If you manage to get a certain coin inside the black hole ( by shooting it) a certain amount of chickens in the place where you have put the coin in.
Small coin: 1 chicken
Medium coin: 3 Chickens
Big coin: 5 chickens
Instead of there being 12 chicken on each spot there will be 15.
Ill make the pictures soon.


Quite commendable for your initiative but the thing about the zone should be placed in a reasonable place and it is difficult to determine which hole the chicken will go through when there are so many black holes.

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Just wait, When i make the pictures youll understand

only coins i could find on internet
The barriers are replaced with indestructuble ones.


Here’s a tip: Copy-Paste this coin. You’re welcome.


Did you get the joke?


Yes.I did.

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