Chicken Queen

It appears that the chickens have a leader. She is known as the Chicken Queen. Perhaps she could be a boss. But then again, she seems to prefer building ships instead of direct confrontation, if the previous final bosses of the Chicken Invaders bosses are to go by.

Though if she fought you, I would imagine she would have a lot of special attacks. But of course she would fire eggs…and call for help to summon chickens. They would get more dangerous as her health gets lower.

She would have a crown and a red dress. And golden feathers…kind of like Featherbrain. On that note, she could summon a few feathers as well.

The Henperor exists

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Oh. Well, there seems to be more than one Henperor’s Apprentice. Perhaps there’s more than one henperor out there.

Maybe the Chicken Queen is his daughter?

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That seems plausible.

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