Chicken Multiplicity bug with gifts (or lack thereof)

I juſt played Chicken Multiplicity as the laſt wave of a boſs ruſh, and I had a problem.
After the firſt diviſion, I left one infinichick alone and fought the other, and I didn’t come back to the ſecond infinichick until after I’d killed everything elſe. Thus, I effectively fought the boſs in to ſtages. During the firſt ſtage, when I ſtill had the ſecond infinichick flyïng around, all ſeemed normal, and I made it to 20 firepower (ſtarting the wave at 15, I think). But then when I killed the ſecond infinichick, things went differently: The firſt thing I noticed was that the infinichick didn’t ſpawn a powerup. I was slightly off the ſcreen, but food ſpawned (I’m pretty ſure- I waſn’t recording, ſo I can’t go back and check). I double checked and I hadn’t already gotten the hypothetical ſpawned powerup becauſe I was ſtill ſitting at 20 firepower, and there was now powerup to be ſeen drifting down the ſcreen. I continued the fight, but not one of the remaining boſſes gave me a gift or powerup.

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Hmm… Do you think it’s possible you reached the limit of 10 items already dropped in that same wave? Count both gifts and powerups. Also count charity.


Maybe. I don’t have the video ſo I can’t ſay for ſure, but there were quite a few things dropped. I didn’t know that this limit exiſted, but that’d explain it.

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