Chicken Marathon

"Attention Recruit!

The UHF is hereby announcing another skill measuring competition, Chicken Marathon. This is a special type of space race for recruits to fly missions faster and not slower than a bomber.

Because this is a hard mission, all special weapons and perishables are completely forbidden. But don’t worry, enemies here are not dangerous as you think. But still, it’s long and boring…but fun!"

Chicken Marathon

What is it? is a special competitive mission that look like every other mission. As the name suggests, this is like the Space Race version of Ironman Competition, means it’s a CHL exclusive mission and…long…


Chicken Marathon:

20x10 waves or 200 Waves
50% - 100% difficulty, Veteran

CHL Exclusive


Because this is space race, mass condensers and quick recovery are banned and using a special weapons will kick you with 30 second penalty. But in here, Use one and it’ll kick you with 60 second penalty.


Top 10 rewards will reward from 70 - 700 keys. And first place will receive a

Awarded for being first place at Chicken Marathon


  1. In here, waves can be repeated because it’s 200 waves long

  2. There will be no environments here whatsoever (suggest add environment and I’ll kill you)

  3. The Medal name was based on a real person’s name (the fastest time in Marathon, Eliud Kipchoge…maybe)

Is it cool?
  • Yes, this should be added
  • No, it’s bad
  • Yes, but make it not CHL exclusive

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Ah yes, just put in huge fucking numbers to make it look cool. That’d make it interesting.


Yeah no thanks, I don’t want a 200 wave long mission with barely any threatening chicken breeds.


Fixed something

This throws balance out of the window. At least the Weekly Challenge is actually kinda fun because it get tougher wave by wave, but in this the difficulty is from the beginning so it’s just a massive grind fest.


Add Environment

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@ScarletCuboids, I need to have a word with you, young man. >:Д

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Would do this, but please for the love of god, make it 50 waves, not even Ironman had this many waves, and this is even easier than it. And also I have to say this, I honestly wish there was more diversity in the challenges, it’s all chicken invasions, with weekly being a hybrid one, but other than that it’s the same thing.

Sorry to vote negatively - I don’t see this as really adding something that would be substantially unique or fun to the game, unfortunately.

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