Chicken like Sub-Zero

Hello everyone! Do you remember blue ninja?) It is his analog!

Well, it is hen look like sub-zero from mk. I think it would fit into the game, especially in a frozen-screen missions. It would have been the size of a “Special Forces” chicken.

In the beginning, hen become in middle of screen and it summons frozen clingers, which fly down towards the hero on any trajectory (all fly to the right by + / - 45 degrees or to the left).
Then, the chicken flies to any place on the screen and throws 2 (or more) icicles (the number of icicles depends on the complexity).
And in the third stage the chicken calls for the big 3 icicles that appear from the bottom. A special line will show the place where the icicles will appear. This stage will be somewhat similar to chapter 6 of Chicken Invaders 5, when there is a battle with the boss.

Battle with him would be to the boss music from CI5)!

Wave name would be “Guardian of Cold Skill” for example^^

This is my first character that I came up with for this game. I hope you like the idea with it. Maybe I will change some abilities for him, just write to me if some stage seems useless to you.

If you have any other questions, please contact me here. I’ll try to answer it.

P.S. - sorry for my bad English speech ^^’


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