Chicken Invaders Universe "VR Version"

As Well I Heared Some Game Like Among Us And Roblox And Minecraft,ETC. Made The VR Version So They Became Familiar Until Today They Have 500+ Million Player And They Became Very Familiar So I Have Idea On The CIU VR Version Making It More Familiar I Want To Show You A Picture About The VR (Art) But I Will Try Again Later Because Internet Is Bad So Here Is Information:Here Is My Reference To The VR Version And How it will be as well You Can See A Hand To Move The Car Hand And Going Up And Down Button And There Is Firing Button Also You Can Make A Double Click To Boost The Fire Shooting And In The Same Time There Is A Satellite Button To Shoot The Satellite And special weapon button and changing special weapon button and as you see in corner the camera records what behind you and you can move your full body in the same time and there will be chat button in any corner and pausing button to (You Can Place Where Camera And Buttons Where Be) And Some Buttons That I Said But I Hope You Liked The Idea And The Information :grin::grin::grin: There In The Middle Of Screen A Orange Circle You Can Get It In Shop (Replaced By Laser Scope In VR Only).

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That wouldn’t make sense, how do you dodge, move with a BX-9 while being slow? Have 25lbs dumbells up your feet? This will likely never happen.

also fix your grammar

A good idea, however it will cost dev more so it would not a feasible option.

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You Have Read Camera Records Whats Behind And You Can Move Your Head,Your Weight Is Nothing BX-9 Slowing Isnt My Problem ,ALSO THIS MAKES SENSE

VR is too complicated. It’s out of CIU’s league.

And your text is a mess.


Although it may be like mess, I can still understand what he’d said.

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He’s just talked to you that your text/sentence may make other people hard to understand.


How would you expected people going to dodge it if it’s going to be a vr version of ciu?
Also this doesn’t make any sense to me

so you’re saying that the slowness of the BX are now pointless in the VR version? That doesn’t make any sense

Geezus f*ing christ, your writing style is absolute cringe and pain to read.

How do you dodge and move with BX-9 in normal CIU? What even is this argument.

No, it’s not a good idea. First of all we’d need a 3D shooter Chicken Invaders before VR version.

Well it’s just a different rendering for first person 3D view so not that complicated.


With controller? Or any other input method?

Leaving aside other comments. 3D VR shmups can exist. You can make it fun (Valve has made VR shmup in The Lab and it was quite nice to play), but consider this. Do you think CI players have VR? Do you think they can even run VR on their computers or other devices? What percentage do you think could do that? Also, CI is extremely slow with technological advancements. We still are on 2D game with 2D engine. Going for VR right now ain’t feasible especially when you need to support CIU 24/7.


no 3D presentation you know

Paragraphs are supported and appreciated.

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I don’t like this idea…

  • It makes no sense, how the hell a 2D shooting game can make a VR version? That’s literally impossible.
  • Did you know how much budgets to make that? How is a solo dev can make that?
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Good or not, at least I don’t want drama happened again because some people here are young and very innocent.

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@4-FX Please don’t do that. Problem has been solved already.

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atleast its better than the minecraft guidelines