Chicken Invaders Universe Boss music

I don’t think you have noticed,but the Bossa Nova,Henlly’s Comet,Feather Brain and the Meteor storm boss (please send his name) ,don’t have boss musics.Well,I suggest to IA to make a CIU Boss music for those bosses.


It’s hard to make OSTs from scratch. Maybe in the future, but I find it quite unnecessary to add specific music since the missions hava a “theme” of going with the flow, so I like it that the bosses don’t have boss music in these missions instead.




Well,I respect your choice.

Well, to make a new soundtrack iA should contact 2db Music too, and it would take a while

What’s the process behind adding new music?

I don’t know.

2db Music produces it and iA adds it to the game

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It wouldn’t be a bad choice to make an entirely new boss theme for the new bosses. Although the missions are already set to a specific song all the way. But I do agree that the old themes are kinda repetitive.

Or just do this:

  • Henlley’s Comet uses CI3 boss
  • Bossa Nova & Mother-Hen Ship use CI4 boss
  • Magnetic Manipulator uses CI5 boss

Wait something is wrong here


Yeah,that’s good

Sincerally the themes that are used right now are fine to me.

But if we had to change them I would probably go for a medley\remix of all victory themes for Feather brain, Henlley Comet, Magnetic manipulator and Bossa nova.
(Also since Manipulator uses CI5 victory theme why not make that song meteor storm’s default?)

Retro invaders theme is already fitting Mothership really well. No change needed

Anyway Master and Crazy Squaker deserve CIU boss theme more than the “environmental bosses”


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