Chicken Invaders Universe 64-bit version

CIU has been available on Windows since its Early Access days as a standalone (then released on Steam and mobile devices)…
Throughout its constant development cycle, I noticed one thing that may endanger CIU’s availability in unforseen future…
Windows (and possibly Android) version has been made with 32-bit architecture in mind (which is justifiable because most of computers running Windows are not purely adjusted for 64-bit architecture), while iOS version is built purely to work with 64-bit archtecture…

If you’re reading this, then it’ll be wiseful to release 64-bit version of CIU for Windows as well (or discontinue the 32-bit version with the release of 64-bit one - you do you)

I know it’s may be too early for this, but it’s better to be prepared for Y2038 event nonetheless…

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Aside from the fact that the server is 64 bit, nothing prevents you from using a 64 bit time_t in a 32 bit app. Sure it won’t be native, which will slow it down a bit because it’d require more instructions for every action with it, but it will work.

Finally, to make my reply a bit more interesting, here’s my PSP with 32 bit Sony CXD2962GG CPU, on its way to embrace the two-o-nineties without visible confusion.


Android will need to be 64-bit if it wants to return to Google Play.

That seems wrong. Processors sold after ~2003 started to be 64-bit compatible. Nowadays even if you see somebody running 32-bit system it’s a high probability the cpu is actually 64-bit (because device manufacturers have their own funny ideas how to do things)

Not exactly. I don’t see Microsoft dropping 32-bit support anytime soon (speaking of software because W11 is only 64-bit, but since it also uses WOW64 you can still run 32-bit programs). Apple actually had balls dropping 32-bit support entirely and that’s sadly one of only few things that I like about them.

So right now it has 2 disadvantages because windows xp was dropped when the engine was upgraded to DX11.

Overall I would like to see 64-bit version, but it’s not a big deal anymore for me since I have it containerized in Steam so I don’t have to keep 32-bit libraries in my OS.