Chicken Invaders Universe 120th anniversary mission is really amazing and fun :D


Because its really nostalgia, it has avalibie more weapons than original Chicken Invaders 1

You dont need to buy chicken invaders 1 because we have arleady chicken invaders 1 refrence mission in chicken invaders universe like 120 waves squawk block

Also here’s a meme-like comment

Kid: Mom, can we have buy Chicken Invaders 1 game at home?

Mom: No, we have Chicken Invaders 1 game at home!

Chicken Invaders 1 at home: Chicken Invaders Universe 120th anniversary mission

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Bro, if you download Chicken Invaders 1 crack game

It gives a virus!

Cuz, Piracy is Serious Crime

Edit: Because Chicken Invaders Universe has Chicken Invaders 1 remastered mission

It’s official InterAction studios website, what do you mean?

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Oh, how do you found this?

Give a link

It smells like old website but broken :confused:

The link is on “Hmm” button.

Hey, it seems i downloaded original chicken invaders 1 and i played on windows 10 but it lags too much and then it crashed sadly, the nostalgia is broken :frowning: image


Oh really?

Lmao, you can give a dgvoodoo download link to fix the nostalgia :smiley:

Thx , since i play ciu and i spam shift to fire. It make a spam shift noisie. Thats annoying to me by the microsoft >:(

You can just disabling it from the Ease of Access Center.

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It’s the current website and isn’t broken.

I use Windows XP to play Chicken Invaders 1, Island Wars 1 and Chicken Invaders 2 Non Remastered.

You can disable it on the Control Panel I think.

dgvoodoo 2 works too

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