Chicken invaders (Star Wars)

As IA said that the ideas of the famous film star stars were these some ideas inspired by Star Wars
New chicken
Storm chicken
Clone chicken
Super clone chicken
They are in the size of the normal chicken that lead them is Henperor’s

They will have as special mission of Apprentices and I will explain it as follows
The Apprentices mission is in egg killer base ship near the planet trying to invade the planet
The shape of the egg killer base is very similar to the star killer base, but in the form of an egg, the gun that launches the laser is actually a yolk, and the yolk launches the laser from itself like superheroes when they fire the laser from their eyes and things that resemble fans are actually laser guns like Owned by yolk star

The mission will have sophisticated ships such as the exploratory ship, which is similar to the star destroyer, but in the form of an egg

@Recruit_75 also suggested a great idea

I draw a star destroyer in the form of a beak
Also, I want to know what shape you liked the most, the beak or the egg.
The four laser cannon fire the laser from four guns and rotate

Tie egg


Some other vehicles such as metal ship and cannon chicks
ChickGatlingGun%20(1) EggShipChicken
They have also certain system
Chicken troopers👉They represent the troopers who serve the empire or the first order
Henperor’s👉Represents Darth Vader or Kyloren who direct troopers
Yolk👉It represents Darth sidious which controls everything
They are also the customers who are chicks wearing customers hat

Some ideas are off topic
Add stallite
You think that something new must be added to the game, such as satellites since the game is new and is still in the stage of construction, we must add at least one satellite as something new to the game and this according to the words of @kokokokos
Add story Some will tell me the game shouldn’t be a story, but when I play, I don’t feel adventurous because there is no story. What is the goal of fighting chicken for the chicken is invading the galaxy, but why. We know that chickens came from a distant planet because they are determined to take revenge on humanity because humans eat chickens. Well, if humans do not eat chickens, they will not come to Earth and will not try to destroy them. Why did chickens decide to invade the galaxy?
At least a short story should be presented about why the chickens decided to invade the galaxy and how the hero created the academy
Planetary exploration missions
This video of Sky Force reloaded will explain what I want to say

We will land on the planet so the chickens can fight with tanks
Nuclear chicken
They are giant chicken breeds and are extremely dangerous
Attack with retaliation
Shooting egg
shooting bulk waste
She is firing bombs like military chickens but nuclear bombs like the ones in the picture
Shooting smoky bolts
Firing laser like master squaker

If you find that there is any bad idea, tell me in the comments but please politely

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Read plan update 2, the one of the ideas.

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And people wonder why other people think Chicken Invaders is just a parody of Space Invaders. It’s in fact parody of everything.

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