Chicken invaders Quiz 4

Hello and welcome to the Fourth Quiz

Prize : Chicken Hunter License
Time : 2 Days
The next Quiz in: One Week
Max Points : 110 Points

More Information

Every Week i post a quiz with 10 questions
You have to reach 110 points to win or have a chance to win chicken hunter license


Will you lower the questionsโ€™s time?
Yes from the next quiz i will start lowering the time

When will you reveal the leaderboard?
From the next quiz

What will happen if no one pass 110 score?
I will do 1 more challenge

What will happen if the winner already have chicken hunter license?
He can decide what does he wants with the money

What will you do if there is a wrong question?
I will do a poll to see what people wants

What the first chicken invaders that got released in steam?
  • Chicken invaders 2
  • Chicken invaders 3
  • Chicken invaders 4
  • Chicken invaders Universe
  • No Correct Answer

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Did the hero nap during the episodes?
  • Yes he napped in chicken invaders 2 before fighting the egg
  • No he didnโ€™t nap
  • Yes he napped during chicken invaders 4
  • Yes he napped in chicken invaders 3 after he destroyed the yolk star
  • No correct answer

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What did the hero use to deliver pizza?
  • Mรผller M400
  • VF_66
  • H&C 101
  • Mรผller M408
  • No correct answer

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What is a chicken invaders? (In game)
  • A movie
  • A series
  • A Disaster
  • A invasion
  • No correct answer

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What was the project that interaction made before Chicken invaders universe?
  • Puzzle Game
  • Piggly game
  • Radar wars game
  • Chicken invaders 5 Christmas Edition
  • No correct answer

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What is the first version of chicken invaders that used rendered graphics?
  • Chicken invaders Dos
  • Chicken invaders 1
  • Chicken invaders 2
  • Chicken invaders 3
  • Chicken invaders universe
  • No correct answer

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In 90s interaction made a lot of games how many of them got publicly released?
  • 1
  • 7
  • 5
  • 3
  • No correct answer

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How many times did interaction change his company name ?
  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • No correct answer

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How many lines of dialog did the hero say in chicken invaders 1?
  • 13
  • 2
  • 32
  • 0
  • No correct answer

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What was the logo that was often used as an easter egg other than an intro? (Interaction logo)
  • The 3rd logo
  • The 2nd logo
  • The final logo
  • The 4th logo
  • No correct answer

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What do you think of the quiz?
  • Nice
  • Bad
  • Yesโ€ฆ,.,?!

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Uncounted questions (answer in replies)
What do you think the real heroโ€™s name?
What do you think heroโ€™s age should be?

Sorry no bonus or penalty questions
Maybe next time
See you in another Topic


I posted it early
I didnโ€™t mean to press post but here we go
Good luck

Excuse me, I have chl.

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dont worry its steam money

Well read the faq

oh wait, Im already see it. Sorry. Im dumb

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Itโ€™s basically the name you write in the beginning of the game.

Knowing he delivered Pizzas in the past, maybe heโ€™s around 20-40

You all agree that he is around 20-40 nice.ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ูŒูŒู‹ู‹ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ููููููููููููููููููููููููููู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘ู‘

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what the cluc

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You can just pronounce that โ€œรฆรฆรฆรฆรฆรฆรฆรฆรฆรฆรฆรฆรฆรฆรฆรฆโ€

Uhh what is that XD

Does โ€œInterAction Softโ€ count as a separate name or is it the same as โ€œInterAction softwareโ€?

prob the same

Is the quiz a bit harsh or what ?
I see people struggling with it

This one doesnโ€™t seem fair. Sometimes I get to be out for days, or my internet is broken, at this point, I canโ€™t access the forum at all. Maybe you should only end every quiz at 6 days after it or smth.

Must be this.

Well i can always push back the quiz you know


I think they donโ€™t like the questions in the quiz.

I thought this was a chicken invaders quiz, not an Konstantinos Prouskas quiz. Also the hero napped in chicken invaders 3 before destroying yolk star in the cutscene for the 11th chapter not after.