Chicken Invaders (Please reply to all InterAction)

  1. Will this chicken invaders be put on steam?
  2. How much will it cost, I ask because I don’t have a big budget to invest in games
    3.How will we get back all the progress if we have already done things before the reset?
    …Thank You InterAction for Answers
  1. Yes
  2. 5$
  3. Already told you how.
  1. CIU should be free. You must buy Chicken Hunter License to play one account in many devices.

You mean it s was free for one device on steam ?

No. Steam version will be paid only. I don’t know why because you can buy DLCs there, but whatever.

On any platforms where there is no “anonymous guest” concept (for instance, Steam), the Chicken Hunter License will be included for free in the initial purchasing cost.
Plan Update #01


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