Chicken Invaders memes

BuT I aM ToO HaRsH WhEn i suGGEst ThaT ThERe ShoUlD be ModERaToRS DelETinG ThE oFFtoPic PoStS.

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RoboCat be like:

(not offending)


For context, does anybody know what the orginal meme said?

You seriously use light theme option?

uhmm, yes?

That’s a really lame choice.(not offending you dude)



A: BTW Google is not dark, chrome is not not dark, how about making everything light?(dumbest answer ever)

Who cares about opinions amirite?
Not like people like different things and would rather use dark mode. If I know correctly, you can change themes on browsers too. And even if you couldn’t, why would that stop you from making a different choice elsewhere?

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uhmm… what? Just simply I like white more than black

Then say you like white more. Don’t reason that because the browser is white, everything should we white, and don’t call his opninion dumb. Though neither should he. White theme has just a bad reputation.


That’s because it’s:

  • blinding
  • using more energy on OLED screens
  • not looking cool


This happened to me too…

Comments of mine got deleted. I mean I guess? But at this time what’s the point? And you can’t even comment posts then?

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Ok, I know that everyone got used to this topic being a talk place, but it is not.
I suggested chatting place long ago, but it was closed:

So stop with off-topic posts here because it’s not a place for that.



Template, if soneone wants


By the way, I remember you guys posted your avatars in high resolution

Here is mine


Maybe we can ask @InterAction_studios or anyone, really, to remake a topic like that, and pin it. Basically, a spamming topic. Does anyone know if the auto-lock feature can be suspended for a topic in particular?
Also, if you don’t like the pin part, you can always hide it.

Yeah, I even got to flag my post and IA post. (but please don’t do it yourself, I only did it because I got an allowance from IA to do so.)

Well, you can message IA to open this topic, create a new one, whatever. I also suggested pinning it, but it died quickly. Now is a chance because IA pinned F.A.Q topic so maybe they are really preparing for noob october. (horrifying thought)


Spam is not allowed, bad choice of words. :v

I guess so. Remember the times before closing literally every old topic? Some topic had it, some not so I think that it is possible.

I had a whole rant reply ready, but I realized that a forum is a forum. Just don’t overpolice too much just because someone replied to something. How dare they!