Chicken invaders Challenge topic

This topic is for playing challenges.
Please don’t go off topic. You can just report a mistake of me or suggest an idea to add it.
this is a big topic don’t say anything to make this topic closed.
this topic had been made in few days and had lots of works and don’t ignore this big work.
We will have more fun in this topic.

  • challenges:
  • CIU:
  1. the good hell:
    win ironman competition without using special weapons and satellites
    winner: @
  2. the known universe
    explore the galaxy
  • CI series:
    will be added

Good Luck!


Added challenge num 1
Reply here to be in

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Can I be in? Please

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What are you looking for? As a owner of CLC has just known about another challenge topic here, I’m on it too

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@Star_Light, which boss rush’s mission you need to choose for your challenge?

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No specials
Just have 5 waves

Already now?

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Wait for when 2 more players joined

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New changes
:new: New features – :bulb: Tweaks – :bug: Bug fixes – :gear: Internal changes
:bulb: added “tiers & scores”
:bulb: added “get more scores”
:bulb: added “classic challenge”

Added this.
You can join a team with name of a color.
In we will have some team verseses soon.

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I added the teams. You can choose your team.

I already get it about this Team VS.

Ex. One team must taking a mission and collect all high score from everyone to calculate and beat the other team’s score.

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Yes it work like that but you need to choose team.

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Maybe I can join a team, but not now
Because I have a think to do about tomorrow, so that’s why I come for suggest only about this

Just like I gonna challenge some new recruit or challenger for Competition Challenge#2’s coming soon

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:bulb: some challenges now is appeared for top 10 persons

guys the news and changes now goes to here

the challenge starts from now!

Remember to choose your team to get more scores.

The first verses is added

The challenge 1 for showing the scores take screenshot.
@Bigmos49216, @Ahmed577, @Star_Light and @anon51565962 are in challenge.

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