Chicken invaders cartoon series

Dear:is4 you can make a cartoon series and trust me you will be more popular than ever and everybody is going to like it and it’s going be the most popular cartoon ever created
Your biggest fan: moaz


That is not easy at all.

I mean, assuming you mean something like Sonic Mania Adventures, but even then, CI universe just lacks content and essence for something like that.

I want the company to see my comment

Not a terrible idea to be honest, but consider the following:

  1. iA consists of a single person + the guy who makes the music
  2. I don’t think a cartoon would grant such a popularity boost to an already 20-year old franchise which already has at least 100k overall players
  3. what would even be the plot lmao

they most likely will


One programmer, one artist and a music team.

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DAVE what do you think of my idea?

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I think its too much for a small studio to make, especially during the CIU project. And also, I dont see much plot potential for it.

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Well, let’s say it happens (although I really don’t think so)
Firstly the plot would be the episodes respectively, then the community could make the stories, like my idea for the story arcs.

Episode plot… How are you going to make even a single cartoon episode with that? That is if you dont want the entire thing to be pure filler fights. You might as well watch a lets play at that point. The episode stories are just too basic imo. Also how much can you do with this story universe? I wouldn’t watch a series where every episode is just shooting chickens but this time they’re in a different place.


Well, you can imagine and add more stuff for a cartoon miniseries that wouldn’t really fit into the game, also you can print better some thight action scenes.
As I said before, take Sonic Mania Adventures for example. A small cartoon miniserie to promote the upcoming DLC, that fits into it a lot of stuff that wouldn’t be possible into the classic games, but that make total sense into the Sonic universe (well, for the now classic timeline of course).

Teasing must be important as I see it.

I think this is a good idea.


and dedication

Umm, no.

A bit of history: About 10 years ago I was contacted by a company that was making a cartoon series about chickens making plans to invade Earth, and they wanted to use the “Chicken Invaders” name for it. Nothing came of it – I don’t even know if the cartoon was even made. Has anyone ever come across it? I don’t know which title they eventually settled on.


Found it:


Well, good that nothing was done with the Chicken Invaders name, because that style looks hideous. It’s pretty much like that aberration of Thundercats ‘homage’ that WB showed.


This theme song just…

It is 29 years old. The first radar wars (unreleased) was made in 1990:

Radar Wars
First Radar Wars game. The first game InterAction studios has ever made. One of the six games from InterAction studios to be written in QuickBasic.

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