Chicken Invaders but you play as chickens

This is some sort of fangame idea and will never fit in the #ideas category

How it works

The idea is simple, if the hero win you lose

You get to know the hero’s stats (:heart:, :zap:, weapon, superweapons, satellites)

You pick 1 wave in a selected number of waves to fight against the hero


Endless: The hero changes every time he loses and you lose when one of them complete a set number of waves (1 boss wave every 10 waves)

Normal: You stop hero in a mission with a randomly generated length, difficulty (more difficulty the weaker your troops get) and environment

I randomly have this idea on my mind, please give feedback or whatever


I recall someone made a fangame where you play as a chicken fighting against spaceships spawning from below endlessly


It may have appeared that there was an error when I must’ve collided with an enemy.

shall be fixed in the upcoming update

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Man, it said that it was updated in 2012, so It wouldn’t be fixed since it stopped development.
Anyway I’ve tested it before, and it looks godly.