Chicken Invaders bug

I would like too know if this is an bug or not.

But basically, i see player’s on the kick option, but not on the leaderboard where it displays the player’s name?

Is this an issue?


I believe this feature is made for kicking players who aren’t in-game to prevent them from joining again.



Useful against in-game trolls.


Ummm @InterAction_studios What Is This?

I just lost 20 Dare Points And I Had More Score Than The Player It Says Your Score Was 0…

Did you get a warning that your mission was not “eligible for leaderboards or rewards” on the Mission Outcome screen? If so, you might have got disconnected after damaging at least one enemy in a wave you have not fully completed yet.

No I Did The Entire Level.

Completing the entire mission makes no difference if you get disconnected mid-wave even once in a League dare.

Did you really need to revive this topic with an off-topic reply?

Also, I totally forgot this topic exists. And how is it still open for new replies?