Chicken invaders 5 halloween music

i know it was suggested by me before but i cant see it in october because school i dont play in school so can it be added in ciu? cause i like it alot


But there are no school time in Sunday

And there are no prohibition about playing it by 3rd party app.

I have school in sunday
Holidays are Friday and Saturday

nevermind i used the inferno brothers mod and it has that music
but still wanna add it

whats 3rd party app

Any offline music players apps, or simply find it on youtube and play it on background.

i dont use youtube i used it once this year and i dont have a phone to install a 3rd party app and if its on pc i cannot open it

can ia add this?

I don’t think so…

Why bumping again? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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i love this song i wanna play with it

if it doesn’t get added into the main game, shut up and move on with your life
dont brag about it

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IA can you close this post


just search the music on youtube and have it play in the background

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why should i have the sound on background while i can play with it?

Isn’t that also help?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you don’t like playing it on the background while playing the game, just open CI5 Halloween Edition or wait until Halloween Season for CIU.
I chose not to flag your bumping post because I want to see if you appreciated all helps or else, but you still bragging about it.
Furthermore, this has been suggested quite many times, and no response for it. Just wait till an exact season comes up to add the exact theme.

For technical reason, I won’t do anything about it. Sorry :slight_smile:

so you can listen to it

??? i wanna play with it
also ive downloaded halloween edition ci5 already but just playing 9 wave while hearing it 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 and 119 120 plays henterprise
also i have school at halloween every year so i cant play at holidays too