Chicken Invaders 3, 4, 5 online

How can i play in house multiplayer with my friends in CI 3,4,5 even when we are not in the same house?

Well, that depends on how long your arms are.

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what do u mean?

should i do something with the network wizard?

Play in Friends Multiplayer or Internet Multiplayer. In-House will only work for computers connected by LAN.


what if i have the cracked ci3,4,5 but with cheats and multiplayer and wingman? (which i also have these versions except Ci5 which i bought it from the website)

I won’t tell you, because you pirated them. For CI5 just do what I said above.


Forgot to tell ya i bought the complete set of Chicken Invaders on steam now can you please tell me what to do?

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Multiplayer on Steam is easier to access. Just use Internet Multiplayer, since it’s the only option available.



and there’s no need to be so angry.


I wasnt angry i was just interested in why they didnt put it in steam versions and also the number of the times that i finished ci 2,3,4,5 without dying once is so much big that u cant count it so i was just interested i wasnt angry or something like that

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Maybe iA wanted them to be exclusive to the version on their website? Oh, and

how is that revelant?


Beſides which I have a feeling that you really don’t want to compare your chicken hunting experiënce to that of @Sammarald.


How much stupid you must be to admit on official forum of the game that you have cracked the games? And after one reply you immediately try to calm the situation by saying that you forgot that you bought complete pack on Steam.


Remember that ad hominem attacks are diſcouraged.
I agree wholeheartedly, but the inſult muſt be of the “fill in the blank” kind.

plus please, no need to swear


Check this to see why buying directly to them is preferred:

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Back In The Day, when I was doing tech support for a small software company, I had a guy contact me asking for a discount beyond our usual student discount. I told him that no, the student discount was it. He then “explained” to me that he’d already blown his budget for the month on beer and women. (I am not joking or misquoting.) I “explained” to him that he wasn’t exactly helping his case.

A couple of days later, I caught him asking on a different forum – which I participated in as a company representative – if someone could please send him a cracked copy of the software, because we were meanly not cutting him any slack. I replied, quoting our entire previous exchange about the beer and women.

[eye roll]

dont be mad on me i have some good reasons to why did i cracked it, i am so much but so much sorry about that please forgive me

i checked it out before and i agree with you