Chicken invaders 2 The next wave locked at 30 frames per second

I’m trying to speedrun this game and i’m wondering if this game can go more than 30 fps

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The long answer is that both UveDX (DX6.0 for CI1 and DX7.0 for CI2) games are both stuck at the same framerate. It’s not actually 30fps. If you check that square in CI2 (2.77 up to 3.07) making the framerate show in the top-right corner, it will just show that it fluctuates a bit between 23 and 26, but most of the time it’s closer to 26, to be a bit more precise, at 25.6fps, and that is even after moving to UveDX8, which was capable of framerates even beyond 100. However, after being remastered initially on UveXX and then on UveUDX. it did start fluctuating at a greater range, from 24 to even 32, but mostly you’ll see either 30 or 31. With all of that being said, the remastered versions can technically get past 30fps, but by only one additional frame per second, or if you’re really lucky, two additional frames per second. The Legacy, and ultimately U3, versions don’t get past 26fps.

The short answer is an almost certain no.


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