Chicken invaders 2 remastered victory theme in game

Can you add another music as Chicken invaders 2 remastered victory theme in version 22.1


We need this too:


Its so great for put this ost into the game

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How about CI3 Comet Chase or something (I forgot) music?

That’s already in the game

CI1 theme
CI2 chiptune theme
CI2 chiptune spaceship
CI2 chiptune victory
CI2 remastered theme
CI2 remastered spaceship
CI2 remastered victory
CI2Xmas chiptune theme
CI2Xmas chiptune spaceship
CI2Xmas chiptune victory
CI2Xmas remastered theme
CI2Xmas remastered spaceship
CI2Xmas remastered victory
CI3Xmas theme
CI3Xmas music 1
CI3Xmas music 2
CI3Xmas music 3
CI4Xmas theme
CI4Xmas music 1
CI4Xmas music 2
CI4Xmas music 3
CI4Thanksgiving theme
CI5Xmas theme
CI5Xmas music 1
CI5Xmas music 2
CI5Xmas music 3
CI5Xmas sucess
CI5Halloween theme
CIU active music
CIU calm music
IW1 theme
IW2 theme
IW2 music 1
PIG theme
PIG music 1
PIG music 2
PIG music 3
PIG bonus
PIGXmas theme
SV theme
SV music 1
SV music 2
SV music 3
SV bonus
CEC theme
CEC music 1
CEC music 2
CEC music 3
LC theme
LC music 1
LC music 2
LC music 3

what is it’s name?

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“CI3 Victory music” in the Galactic Store

Thanks for changing that profile picture

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lol why?



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I hate remastered, from my childhood i remember only this song:

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Maybe it should be a theme song for classic waves

Or retro.It totally gives the vibe of retro.

Why do you hate remastered

There are no themes from other Interaction studios games as smileyville,piggly,loco,christmas eve chrisis and Island wars 1,2 and Chicken invaders editons except original in Chicken invaders universe

Because is not from his childhood.

That is an idea.

The themes Which added to Chicken invaders Universe
The themes from Chicken invaders series
Don’t Put themes from CI Series editions as Christmas,easter,thanksgiving and Halloween and the other interaction studios games as Loco and all editions,Island wars 1,2 and all editions,piggly and all editions,Smileyville and Christmas eve Chrisis except CI series original Edition