Chicken Invaders 1 : The Facts


The first thing I’m going to talk about is that the first version that we all know is not the first version. :neutral_face: :expressionless:
The first chicken invaders was DOS version unreleased in 1997 continuing with JAVA version unreleased in 1997 til 1998. And finally the DX version that released in 1999 and all of us played it.
The second thing is as you now chicken invaders 1 has unlimited levels but even if you get to somewhere in some level ( read on the web )( I don’t remember the exact level number ) there will be glitch levels after that and you can’t get there too because after 1 billion crashes appear.
If you are a veteran you may lol :joy:
The web link is
You can read more about it :slight_smile:
My next topic will be about bugs of chicken invaders series and it will take 3 weeks to investigate those bugs. Until then goodbye


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All of the info has been taken from the wiki. Cite your sources, please.

Anyways, Chicken Invaders 1 does not have this many waves, only about 4294967296 “unique” waves, many of which are glitch waves. You don’t lose a life in those glitch waves. You won’t even get to see them all without hacking because starting at wave 1 billion, certain waves will make the game crash. If you’d like to learn more about how they progress, click the link below.


Sorry I didn’t know I should write the web link. Was it correct now?


Yeah, it is good now.


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The original Chicken Invaders will be remembered with the nearly infinity levels and that is it more arcade than the others and stuff like that, for me is so much different than others. NerdZone (Chicken invaders speedrunner) thinks that and he is very right about that, told it in 1 his video whitch i agree his opinion and showed here.