🐔 Chicken Invaders 1 Remastered #11

Was this seriously done in just a few days? Holy shit that’s amazing, also really love the remix, just wish i didn’t have to be forced to play in 4:3.

why on max resolution is 16:9?..it should be 4:3 ?
than it seems that is harder from the begining or it’s just my impression?
and the on big chick it will remain like the original one? I mean the eggs should dissapear or not?
same think when you fire a missle the eggs should dissapear
and about the colors of the chicken will remain allways the same?

and as a first impression wow just wow…an 1999 game teleported on 2023 with succes …
I already see some garbage remastered games without make some names :see_no_evil:

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I know this is stupid but aren’t the low graphics we’re supposed to remove all the smoke trails and particles like in the original game?

For some reason there is a memory leak on this menu screen. It keeps allocating more memory until it crashes after reaching 2 GB of memory after three minutes or so.
The error message mentions the vertex buffer


the firerate is slow, can you make it faster?

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@InterAction_studios Can you move to:

CIU Download topic?

The game is good, but my mouse gets outside of the windowed gmae, and i can’t move for that time.

Does the food originally is not this bouncy enough to reach the ship?

butterfly clicking

You can save the topic as bookmark, so you won’t be lost when you wanna find the link again

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The remastered version of the game is very amazing. But there’re both thing that i’m pretty sure it’s somekind like placeholder:

  1. May i ask: what’s the purpose for this?

  2. So does that means that there will be more special weapon aside missiles?

Netherless, it’s still amazing. Now all the Chicken Invaders games has been remastered.
Good Job! :+1:

Yes, that was also the issue of CI2.

this is not a 1920×1080 resolution
somehow it scaled to 4:3

if the picture is blurry, that is the
phone fault

but untick the letterbox it turn to original resolution

wide (1920x1080 without letterbox)
also intended as description said


is it ok if i will backup all beta versions? the more this game gets updated? (cuz now it says beta 0.1)

also whatever you do, if you are gonna add languages (i guess not cuz its a remaster not a remake) but still, don’t add Hebrew


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Turn it off :man_shrugging:

No matter how far I move it, it will eventually overlap.

I’m not doing anything with F7 (especially). It could be some other piece of software on your PC that uses that as a keyboard shortcut (perhaps doing video recording? that would explain the FPS drop)



Not here. It will eventually appear on interactionstudios.com

I don’t know. I imported the whole folder by accident, and they were there. Probably unused/superseded. Removed.

Code is the same. A had a quick look and this is an RNG issue. Borland’s RNG will return positive numbers when passed negative ranges. Some more digging reveals that the % operator discards signs in Borland, but preserves them in Microsoft’s compiler. This is odd. I was under the impression that it was codified in the C standard. Maybe the compiler is too old, or non-compliant.

Anyway, won’t fix.

Not any more. Changed.

By default, music keeps on playing throughout. You can turn off the “In-game music” option.

Looks like you’ve changed the bindings yourself. If you press “Reset to default” on the previous screen, does the “Space” return next to “primary fire”?

With all the cheating going on? No.

Lives are now specified as “x ???” if you have more than 3. I’ve left missiles as-is, because it’s much rarer for them to overlap.

This is not possible to change, as was explained in this series.

Fixed (although I don’t think switching between input methods mid-game is a common occurrence)

Indeed, the rendering was off-center (even in the original). Fixed.

Suprisingly, there were NO lights (!) in the original file. I’ve added one and tried to match previous shades (it’s not perfect)

I don’t want to do opacity effects, but I’ve changed the colour to make less conspicuous

I had a close look, but I can’t find anything wrong. Maybe just that, due to the 2x scaling up, the particles seem to be positioned slightly inaccurately. How does it compare against CI2? Do you think CI2 explosions look more/less correct?

The original was at 26.3 fps, this is at 25 fps. I’ve changed it, but I doubt it would make such a significant impact.

I’ve changed this (you still have to click at the “press fire to start” screen so that the game knows you want to use the mouse, however)

That’s your screen’s actual resolution. It has nothing to do with the aspect ratio of the game (which is indeed 4:3)

No. Nowadays there’s more than enough horsepower.

Ah, right. The new text leaks. Fixed.

Click faster.


Physics should be exactly the same.

To enter your name in the highscores

Oversight. Fixed.