Chicken Invaders 1 and 2 does it have online?

Chicken Invaders 1 and 2 does it have online?

You mean online multiplayer?

Yeah. can i play multiplayer and online?

On these versions, there is no multiplayer. But there’s 2 players.

Do it through remote play


There is multiplayer in CI1 and CI2. What there is not is online multiplayer.

How will I do?

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If you mean 2 players, yep, but not online.

You can use Steam’s Remote Play to play with friends.

I still don’t have CI2, but when I have it, I will purchase it on InterAction Studios Website. Is it possible to do something similar to that Remote Play without Steam version?

That is multiplayer.

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Yeah, write to IA to also get a Steam activation key.



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