Chicken Hunter License Release

I’ve got an idea for Chicken Invaders Universe. Why don’t they release the Chicken Hunter license now or anytime before the full game or any updates come out? Because then people can buy it now and won’t have to worry about losing their progress in the game. But the main question is what is the cause to lose progress when there’s an update? Is it because you’re basically redownloading the game as new? Because this will be much more fair for all players for this game.

The reaſon why not is becauſe it’s eaſiër to maintain compatibility this way.

Alſo, yes, that’s part of it. I don’t know the full details, but I’d expect that each game goes and reſtores all the data either from the ſerver or from earliër programme files, and it’s eaſiër not to reſtore in-miſſion progreſs.

Huh? IA has ſaid on multiple occaſions that everyöne is reſponſible for backing up their own data. Everyöne has fair warning.

Edit: Juſt a typo correction.

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Oh yeah that makes sense. But what do you mean by compatibility?

Each new verſion has to be able to read the data from all the older verſions, which if there are a bunch of changes can be a pain to implement.

Well yeah but what do you mean by that? What’s the problem with it?

If IA has to go through a lot of extra trouble each releaſe for a feature that would juſt be a ſlight convenience, it’s really not worth it.

Yep. But at least we get all our keys back when an update happens.