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Hello and have a nice day everyone! I will describe in detail what we are talking about here. Many games, like this one, have countless possibilities to expand their world, universe, add or complete extra or great things. Well, I usually do this in the form of a fan story, because I think this world can be expanded and made even more interesting. I have characters, weapons, story, and other ideas, which I would rather not sacrifice on the altar of topics, but instead turn them into a whole story.
A few things. This is not canon, just my fan story. Yes, I’m not an artist,but I try. At the same time, I won’t mind if no one reads it, because it’s fun for me to expand worlds and write stories for them, even if they never become canon. For those who will like it, I hope to give them inspiration or ideas for anything (this is the rarest one :grin:). We have three antagonists so far, but there will be stories about the protagonist, Henperor, Hen Solo and more. Unfortunately, this will take time, but I will post them as soon as I can. Here are the three evils for a taste, I hope they didn’t become so “bad.” Oh yes, I would like to add that it is characteristic of me that I like to bring a dark atmosphere and deeds into the stories, but I never want to go overboard. That’s all I wanted and have a nice day!
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what do you mean?

What did I write? Well, to expand the universe of Chicken Invaders with my own fan stories.


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