Chest wandering in space

if we have wandering industrial robots that roam the galaxy and can be robbed of food, why not add such chests :slight_smile:

EDIT: I thought that instead of the increased key bonus there was a small event to collect as many coins as possible. I’ll explain in a moment

Now something about these chests:


  • in each difficulty level you will have to collect as many medals as possible: Distinguished Green Greed Cross
    The more medals you collect, the better the reward

Easy mode - 10 levels

  • 3 medals- 25 keys
  • 5 medals- 50 keys
  • 9-10 medals- 100 keys

Medium mode - 20 levels

  • 5 medals - 50 keys
  • 10 medals - 100 keys
  • 15 medals - 150 keys
  • 19-20 medals - 250 keys

Hard mode - 30 levels

  • 5 medals - 75 keys
  • 10 medals - 125 keys
  • 15 medals - 175 keys
  • 20 medals - 250 keys
  • 25 medals - 350 keys
  • 30 medals - 500 keys

And you will only be able to play each of these modes once.

And now something about the levels

In general, this is the only idea I have is these traditional levels with falling chests from CI3. I thought a little bit about adding other interesting waves. (If you have any ideas to write in the comment).

Special BOSS

Title yetit’s not fully thought out so I just added that name (there’s another concept of naming BOSS “Wealth Scroouge McCluck”)


  • fires deadly coins from his mini cannon (they are marked with a skull), which shoots them with a zigzag (you will be able to pass through them through small snippets between the pattern)
  • the chest opens and an avalanche of deadly coins spills out of it. They are arranged in such separate 4 walls that head to the right and to the left (alternate)

I would like to add that its weak point is the padlock. After destroying the chest, it explodes and pours out coins that can already be collected.

What do you think of this idea? :smiley:

  • Excellent idea (without any corrections)
  • Medium idea (if I would improve something)
  • Bad idea

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This is good idea and I hope to be in the game.

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needs more improvement + they are similar to key rush
add another purpose to them so they would be unique

but nice idea after all

how though? its just flying chests???

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A little more improvement and it’s good to pick. Nice idea btw

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How to put a big box of coins inside the coin boss ?!

idea is great .

Well let’s think carefully if it’s a chest with key dash missions. Could it be that it’s been added to the update?

i want this great space chest in Chicken invaders universe

add this one,please

Add this @uncachero9960 , please

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not me

Yes u

you’re right. I changed a bit and made it more of an event.

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don’t add me as a boss

We already added you


Hey Hey watch your words

Did you turn me as a boss to create fangame?

I just did it now. Here:
(I made it very quickly).