Chemical weapon (throwing potions)

This idea sprouted in my head when I saw the new breed of chickens “Klaus” I think it would be interesting if we reciprocated them with the potions they usually throw at us, but we have a bigger arsenal.

There are three potions

something about potions

  • you can have a maximum of 3 potions of each type in your inventory, i.e. if you want to have all of them, you take up 3 slots in your inventory

  • potions won’t destroy and neutralize enemy attacks

  • every potion except lightning is thrown to the center of the map

  • potions are thrown by the numbers on the keyboard (you can always change in the settings)

  • :one: Lightning spell
  • :two: Potion spell
  • :three: Ice spell

Potion skill:

  1. Lightning Spell
    When you throw this potion it flies at the chicken closest to you, so be careful where you aim.

Here is the damage field

  • If the iron shield is near the damage field it will take more damage than the chicken.
  1. Poison spell
    all chickens in an area lose 20-40% of their health
    the effect lasts 5-7 seconds
  • (graphic) the area is completely radioactive and the edges of the monitor are filled with clouds. If you would use this potion 3 times in a row, the graphics will remain the same so as not to spoil the screen area.

  • (warning) you cannot destroy with poison:

  • shield (metal)
  • egg shells at the boss (Mother-Hen Ship)
  • potions thrown by “klaus”
  1. Ice spell
    freezes the entire map and chickens in the area are slowed down by 30-40%
    this effect lasts for 10 seconds
  • (graphics) the whole screen freezes and ice is growing on the edges of the screen.
    (important info- this effect (graphically) will not appear in missions where the ice obscures your surroundings)
  • the potion can also slow down moving shields

(WARNING) using these potions on bosses may not have a positive effect

  • lightning spell- the boss takes only 5-10% damage
  • poison spell - takes only 3-5% damage
  • ice spell- slows down the boss only 3-5 seconds (not counting the usual chickens that may be at the boss’s)

I forgot to add that potions are not special weapons. If you fly the mission without potions, you will get the achievement - “Antichemist badge”




What about people using mouse?

where on the mouse would you throw these potions and there are also 3 types?
you shoot with the left one and satellites with the right one.
I don’t know where I would put them

Or just add them as special weapons, since we can now scroll through the equipped types and there really isn’t much point in adding a separate system/slots/keybinds just for this?


I wanted to consider potions only as a other category than “special weapons”. Note that each item in this category differs in the use of them and the potions differ only in the liquid they contain and are used in the same way, only has a different effect. This is how I see it.

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