Chef Chick and supersecret eggmissile

Hello…,. Weell, so weirdest boss.
Sorry for bad art, was edited from RWCursorEditor

-First will wobble to random location and splatters DEEP fried chickens (WHOLE) and knifes also
-from wings will come egg gatling cannon
-This boss will summon chickens in iron suit

---------------------------Supersecret eggmissile
Will be used instead missiles when this unlockable is unlocked
Can be activated with Enter or middle click (Default controls)
It flies into centre and explodes, splatters egg omelette and falls down
Damage = -15000

Note- Sample project will be coming later

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why would it be attacking with its own cooked brethren


no cost too great

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Fruits and vegetable that throws Chef Chick will be damage only spaceship. Anyway, fiery chickens is deleted, sorry…

And. What about you saying. In this forum also availible quoting for words. Simply select word and upper button Quote is coming. Click and send me what are you about saying?

Sample project for showing eggmissile
Press SPACE for eggmissile
You see an omelette that falling down
Link How works secret eggmissile on Scratch (
This scratch project 2 mb that easiest way to fastest load

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