Cheats Universe

The game Will Be without the cheats! Why?..
I think that the cheats Is very important!! Yeee if you make abuse of it the game beacome a joke remove the competition remove the enjoyment…
But but there’s allways a but … The cheats could be very useful …to Explore or to find some secrets or if you want to do some practice,or if you want to play with someone on the same PC Just for fun

On the other hand, cheats are… cheats.


The cheats are for noobs

Wrong. What if you get disconnected during a multiplayer game,and you reconnect,but now you don’t have any firepower,missiles,or anything? Cheats allow you to get all of these things back.


The only use I had out of them in singleplayer was measuring boss health with missiles.


I feel that cheats are justified more in singleplayer games, rather than in multiplayer. Unless they made a seperate environment for testing and such, thus it wouldn’t interferee with other players.


Probably there will be cheats, but only for Save The World mode.

iA already stated that they won’t be there.

I understand, but the people who can moderate the game will make a cheats section and give download link in zamunda as some of the other episodes

They also mentioned that cheating of any form will have you get permamently banned.

I also remember that the cheats was back in the days one of the benefits that you get as a registred member :smile: :smile: :smile: :sunny:
But if they think that Is Better like this it’s ok :slight_smile:
I think that was Fair enough that the highscores obtain with cheats was not accepted

They will not be in this game because Chicken Invaders Universe is specially for multyplayer and be with other users. Use cheats here is like use cheats in the Internet Multiplayer mode (play with random people on the internet) from CI3, CI4 and CI5.

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But they are working on a cloud system, so disconmecting wouldnt stop us anymore. That means ok.

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Yeah,I guess that is true

You cheat,ban whacks you with it’s hammer.