🗨 Chatting place

I can not play. I don’t have a monitor)

And what’s your reason for mass ping?

I won’t send a mission for you squadron, If you ping me again.

and stop disturb me

Are you want your both CIU and forum accounts being block or delete?
And can you change your squadron name “Pls gift me CHL” in to another name?

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1 year in forum


Leave me alone with your license already

Stop your Jealousy bullshit



How can I make a line like this in forum chats?

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Ok, we will always ignore you, never gift you the CHL, no join squad, got contact, you are not respect the other people… I will remove contact you soon…

I didn’t have money to buy a CHL and gift, I will ask you…
Is CHL are important to you?



good that to join the squad

I find it interesting

stop saying about CHL,nobody want gift you a CHL

If I had, I would.

birb invad the chating palac


hi ! my name is hossein !

No @hossine don’t, not gift him because he’s not respect people.

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I said: If I had. I do not have. But at the same time ok.

In addition, when will you give me a chl gift?