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Is that the real EA?
I’m still confused

I guess it is

Must be

Me wondering iA + EA when
then everything in the game = :skull:

Well, EA keeps talking about money. And this one here in the forum is kinda similar. So it must be the real EA

i’m still thinking that maybe a kid standing behind and trying to be EA

To move the spaceship pay 3.99$:

To open the game pay $3
I was about to say $2.99

And yea, more accurate reason is that EA always target on small games
They definitely won’t target some big games which has a huge community

Can’t be sure about that. EA tried to target Konami company games I guess.

And failed?

@Electronic_Arts what do you think?

Well yeah, I guess it did. Konami is still unchanged till now.

Never try to target big companies
How about EA target Krafton then
Krafton : :anger:


Because we develop it alongside iA.

Spreading misinformation about our brand and company will result in a permanent ban from this forum, please follow our user guidelines and behave accordingly.

Spreading misinformation again.

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Can that be confirmed by IA?

we need proof :vv

Of course it can. Feel free to ask anyone normal.

Not anyone. IA himself