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Oh hello there, welcome back

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Time for the occasional duet.

Ah yes, unless it’s just some CHL owners who is curious enough to try Double Team levels and don’t even find it too bothersome if they lose.

I have a new idea game

soo yeh sharing the coordinate of the heroware which it contains the legendary BX9
And the coordinate for the legendary M408 is 607-080
sorry for bad english

Where are you from?


Decided to play a mission after a break so it counts me for sure as a Wine player. Ofc first wave of daily was treasure shower.
My Disappointment Is Immeasurable And My Day Is Ruined

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Don worry. Is fine. I’m bad in writing English to !

I use a translator at all

Yes . I know you from Russia

The one horror game and one platformer _ art game

Deep world and a tale of nimayoshich

Better choose another place to post this please. Off-topic

Oh hello fellow Filipino, fancy seeing you here