Chat Options

It is highly recommended to create a chat option among contacts,

IA should create this option so that we can play game with comfortabley…
Kindly request to IA Studios

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highly recommended to upper its populrity…

Good idea, but message your contants in this forum if you want .

Please man don’t set up a new topic is all ready suggested

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You play for first time

This may be recommended by you, but not at all by us. InterAction has said that he doesn’t want to do duplicated work ­– not that we want such stuff anyway – which several other applications already provide those features that people want. Not to mention that there are a couple of reasons for how this is a whole can of worms that it’s best not to explain them in detail (e.g. economical, abuse).

Just use an external chatting application like Discord.


bro are u from iran?

Chat has already been suggested many times, and iA has confirmed that it won’t exist.


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