Chat in ciu squadrons

i think must be chat in ciu squadrons



Please tell us why before saying no

because i disagree

And why you disagree. Please give a suitable reason

It’s my idea and he has no right to say no

He can say it but he must give a reason for that

You don’t agree and I’ll say yes…it’s my idea…don’t interfere

yes you are right

Chatting in a squadron seems useless at the moment, since only you can assign missions to them. if there was a specific event (Importantly Competitive) for a squadron, then a chat would help to plan to finish the event as a team.
(would be similar to clan chat in Clash of clans)



because I don’t like it

at least give a reason

OK. Is there any way that you can explain why you don’t like this idea?

Because I disagree :slight_smile:

Well, I’m 50/50, I like that idea though, however, it might end up being useless or some stuff that leads to something inappropriate.

Probably you don’t want to see some squadron members sending inappropriate messages

Also, can you demonstrate how that works.


For my opinion, no, since squadron seem to have a small number, and arent highly seen, just some random place that gives you missions depending on the leader’s “want to assign”, and there isnt any motivation of group reward or some kind of general mission for equal prize that will motivate people to interact with squadrons,… even the squadron medal reward is for the leader only
Maybe in the future there can be some sort of group or “airforce”, containing ~30 or more players, then it would be more suitable to have chat in it


yes ok

but it will make the game more fun

well, not really, players only have to expect the leader to assign missions, nothing else
On the other hand, chatting in squadron is mostly to discuss about things going on in there, but the only chance of some interactions in the squadron would be to plan about the getting the top 1 spot in squadron event, which only gives the leader the medal anyway
other things will include random talking to have some interest or having free time, spamming, impolite speech, etc
Besides, some players join a ton of squadrons, if squadron chat notify is enabled, they will experience a lot of notifying sounds, notifying notifications; if disabled they will occasionally chat with some squadrons, eventually they won’t, and they will realize the only (or most) purpose of the squadron is to get missions assigned to them